Computerized lockstitch Sewing Machine For light and heavy fabric

For light and heavy fabric and function well

From 2 layers of gauze to 16 layers of thin jeans the machine can sew smoothly with beautiful stitches.
Suitable for different materials, optimised thread take-up-level 
Automatic assembly line with investment of several hundred million, combined with the German automotive technology, stable and reliable.


Easy to learn, easy to use

Long press about 3 seconds for factory reset, short press about 1 second for up and down needle position. Very easy to operate, no need to remember parameters

One shaft designpeaceful and comfortable

One shaft design reduces the machine torque and makes feeding more smoothly. The light torque is leading in the industry and gives you a lighter and more comfortable feeling.

Cooling fan

Scientific design, vortex suction of cooling fan, reduces the temperature of the motor and control box, improve greatly the lifespan of electronic components and avoids winding.

Humanised design

Half stitch, LED lamp and reverse stitch these three functions in one and the unique LED lamp design give you a better sewing experience.

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