New Tutorials for QCT5 supplied by the Grace Brand Ambassadors Team - Pro - Click on the link to download

Upgrade from QCT4 to QCT5

Set Screen Scaling QCT5

Design a Basting Stitch QCT5

Measurements QCT5

Panto Stacker

QCT5-Beginnings Nested Panto

QCT5-Beginnings Panto Upgrade Info from QCT4

QCT5-Beginnings Non-nested Panto

Optimizing a Design QCT5

Basic Panto QCT5

Power Panto QCT5

Changing Zones in QCT5

Hoop Frame Zone Placement - QCT5

Batch Import QCT5

Block Lock QCT5

Simple Sashing

Vertical Quilt Borders QCT5

No Sew Area QCT5

Fabric Compensation QCT5

Gold Access Borders and Corners QCT5

Gold Access Pattern eClipse QCT5

QCT5 Downloading Gold Subscription Patterns

Block Fill Methods QCT5

Block Pattern Power Placement QCT5

Designing in QuiltCad QCT5

Designing in QuiltCad QCT5 - Video

Advanced Panto QCT5

 Quiltmotion - QCT5 Help by The Grace Company

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Select and Sew

1-Select & Sew Power Placement Screen & Functions

2-Select & Sew Placement Methods How Too Place and Sew - Part 1

2-Select & Sew Placement Methods How Too Place and Sew - Part 2

3-Select & Sew How to Place & Sew Borders & Corners

Quick Start

Quick Start Power Placement Place $ Sew a Block Design 

Quick Start Basic Sew In Zones Rolling Frame Edge to Edge


Pantograph EZ Mode Sew in Zone Complete functions

Pantograph EZ Mode Place as a single pattern complete with functions

Pantograph EZ Mode Functions

Pantograph Basic Mode Sew in Zones Complete with functions

Pantograph Basic Mode Place as a Single Pattern Complete with Functions

Pantograph Basic mode Functions

1-Pantograph PantoStaker Screen Power Panto Mode

2-Pantograph Power Panto Mode How to Place as a Single Pattern

3-Pantograph Power Panto Mode How to Sew in Zones






Recommended Settings for QCT


This tutorials can be used by QCT4 owners as well as Quiltmagine owners

Becoming familiar with your new Quilters Creative Touch 4

Screen Calibration

Measurements in QCT4

Designing a Basting Stitch

Move to Start

Optimizing a Design

Designing your Quilt in QCT4

QCT4 – Simple Sashing

QCT4 – Block Lock

Block Placement Fill Methods.  – Ideal for custom quilting

QCT4 -Borders and Shashings

Borders and Corners

Pantograph in Basic Mode

Pantograph - Edge 2 Edge Designs

Changing rows in QCT4. - Pantograph

Using Auto Reverse

How to Quilt Simple Sashing’s using QCT4

Quilt Sashing’s – Vertical Quilt Borders with QCT4 

Importing Files

No Sew Area

Gold Card Border Tutorial







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