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Intelligent Lubricant

Intelligent Lubricant


Lubricates every delicate mechanism.
Textile industry, clothing industry, embroidery, silk-screen printing and other delicate mechanism

Product manufactured with a mixture of highly refined, transparent oils and an ozone-friendly propelling agent.

Delivers a controlled quantity at the right place. Does not run. Lubricates every delicate mechanism, hooks for sewing machine, embroidery machine… and other delicate mechanism. Thanks to the measure valve, just the necessary quantity is ejected from the aerosols at each pressure.
1. Delivers only 75 microliters per depression.
2. Extension tubes enable precise, economical application.
3. Does not run: formulation specially developped to ensure that LB5 stays in place.

Direction to use:
An extension tube allows a precise vaporization in non accessible or localized area.

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