The Grace Hoop Frame
The Grace Hoop Frame
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The Grace Hoop Frame

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The Grace Hoop Frame
 The Ultimate Accessory That fits Virtually Everywhere

Introducing The Grace Hoop Frame, now you can make your work space virtually endless. 

Durable and Reliable

The Grace Hoop Frame is easy to assemble, and is manufactured for durability and reliability by The Grace Company. Constructed with tube steel and extruded aluminum, the frame has fully welded sides, guaranteeing increased frame strength. Now you have the peace of mind knowing you never have to worry about your frame shifting or rocking while you’re creating your favorite project.

  • Expanded work space for endless creativity and more freedom to create.
  • Just 3 feet x 5 feet so it’s perfect for just about any size room. It handles everything – from garments to king-sized quilts!
  • Adjustable height so you can work sitting or standing.
  • Mount a new machine easily, in just minutes.

Smooth Gliding Carriage System

Your sewing machine easily fits on the smooth gliding carriage system. Simply place it on the frame’s trolley system, lock it in place, and you’re ready to go. The glides effortlessly with accurate movement, making it perfect for small, intricate stitching.

Fabric Hooks/Unique Fabric Management System

The Grace Hoop Frame has five big hooks underneath that are perfect for keeping your project off the floor. Simply roll up your fabric, quilt or even a bolt of fabric and place in the hooks.

Sit or Stand Height Adjustable Legs

Adjust to the perfect height – table height, standing height and a setting in between – so you can create for hours in the position you prefer. Raise or lower in one inch increments from 29" to 39".

Ratching Rails and Ratchet Wheel

The multi-rail directional-rolling creates even tension on both the width and depth simultaneously. Easily rotate the rails using the hand wheel, creating even tension surface of the fabric.

Floating Take-Up Fabric

The rail stays at a continuous height so you don’t have to raise or adjust it when you move your fabric to a new position. The fabric floats above the frame, out of the way of the machine's arm, keeping your work space free!


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