The Big Book of Machine Quilting

The Big Book of Machine Quilting

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The Big Book of Machine Quilting - A Guide to Bernina Machine Quilting

This new book is packed with information for both beginners just starting out or for the more experienced. It covers topics such as fabric selection, cutting techniques, easy piecing, feet and accessories, techniques, quilt finishes and much more.

Chapters cover:
▫️ Quilting
▫️ Quilting by Machine
▫️ Let Your Machine Improve Your Quilting
▫️ Presser Feet for Quiltmaking
▫️ Quilting Essentials
▫️ Quilting Notions
▫️ Cutting Methods
▫️ Pressing Techniques
▫️ Building Blocks
▫️ Appliquéd Quilts
▫️ Quilt Settings
▫️ Better Borders
▫️ The Quilt Sandwich
▫️ Machine Quilting
▫️ Machine Embroidery Quilting
▫️ Decorative Stitch Quilting
▫️ BERNINA Longarm Table Machines
▫️ Quilt Finishes
▫️ Quilt Connections
▫️ Designing Quilts
▫️ Quilt Fix
▫️ Quilt Talk
▫️ Index

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