The Big Book of Embroidery

The Big Book of Embroidery

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The Big Book of Embroidery - A Guide to Bernina Machine Embroidery

This book is a guide to BERNINA machine embroidery including tips, techniques, and tools. It’s a comprehensive machine embroidery book with a wealth of information for the novice as well as the experienced stitcher.

Chapters cover:
▫️Machine Embroidery
▫️BERNINA Embroidery Machines
▫️Machine Embroidery Designs
▫️Stabilizer Skills
▫️Embroidery Supplies
▫️Hooping Habits
▫️Making Changes
▫️Machine Magic
▫️Design Placement
▫️Stitching a Design
▫️To the Letter
▫️Machine Embroidered Appliqué
▫️Piecing and Quilting with Machine Embroidery
▫️In-the-Hoop Projects
▫️Freestanding Designs
▫️Traditional Techniques
▫️Design Tiles
▫️Fear No Fabric
▫️Twice Stitched
▫️BERNINA E 16 Multi Needle Embroidery Machine
▫️Smooth Stitching
▫️Keywords and Phrases


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