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The stencil burner has a fine curved tip so you can  obtain nice clean cuts, ideal for using on small delicate or intricate applications:



Product Description

Appliqué Techniques
Simply embroider on two layers of Nylon stabiliser such as Floriani No show Nylon mesh, and use
Rayon thread (this does not burn) when the design is finished simply stencil burn around the outer edge of the design to leave a free standing design. It is now ready to appliquéd to your
desired project.

Cutwork Techniques
You can basically stencil burn any Nylon fabrics such as Organdies Organza, Georgette, most
synthetic type of fabrics. It is important to do a test run on your desired fabric.
Using the rayon thread satin stitch, stitch your design out then using the stencil burner with a steady action burn the desired area out. The advantage of using rayon threads is that it stops the burner from proceeding past the desired edge of the design. Never leave the burner in the one spot to long. Practising is the key to better results.

Using stencil plastic trace your design on with a permanent marker, simply use the burner in the same way as a pencil and trace the design, Use a steady even movement, too fast or too slow results in uneven melting. For smooth edges avoid lifting in the middle of a line, this will result in smoother cut edges on your stencil.

Wood burning
Trace your design on to your desired timber. You can use carbon paper, graphite transfer paper or stencil, heat iron on transfer pencil are good too. (Pine is a great timber to start with)
When your stencil burner is hot using it just like a pencil trace your design, varying the pressure will result in different finishes, use the back of the tip for a wide burn. The slower, the movement the deeper the burn in the wood.

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