Quilters Creative Touch 5 Gold Access (Standard QuiltMotion QCT5 required)

Quilters Creative Touch 5 Gold Access (Standard QuiltMotion QCT5 required)

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Take Your Quilting To the Next Level

Unlock The Full Potential Of Quilter's Creative Touch 5 With: Quilter's Creative Touch Gold Logo


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Gain access to everything QCT5 has to offer by purchasing QCT4 Gold Card Access, 12 month subscription. Think of QCT4 Gold as a key that unlocks additional benefits and powerful features beyond even the standard QCT5 tiers.
Standard QuiltMotion QCT5 Required.

Purchasing QCT4 Card Access takes your quilting to a whole new level, with new exclusive creation tools and features. Get advanced control over pantographs, borders and corners, font stitching, and more!

All Gold Card Access holders also receive premium extras and benefits like exclusive patterns and more!

QCT4 Gold Card


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Quilter's Creative Touch 5 is designed to work with a large number of common quilting machines and quilting frames. It works with domestic machines (short-arms) as well as long-arms and midarms like the Qnique Quilter. It works with all of the current Grace quilting frames and most of the past Grace quilting grames.

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