Jack Brand Industrial Sewing Machine JK-H2-CZ

Jack Brand Industrial Sewing Machine JK-H2-CZ

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Jack JK-H2 – Top & Bottom Feeding Direct Drive lockstitch Machine For Heavy Duty 




Holds 2.5 times the thread than a standard bobbin case which means less bobbin changes. Especially useful when using thick threads.

Strong feeding, power-saving, and high efficiency

Top and bottom feeding, 750W motors, storing feeding for heavy materials, sewing through 10 layers of leather with beautiful stitches

Sealed presser foot lifter shaft, no oil, no trouble

Sealed presser foot lifter shaft, oil-free with imported solid grease lubrication

Coaxial driving, stable and quiet

Reduce energy loss, make the machine running fast, stable and durable

Smart panel, easy to use

Easy to operate, one key to factory reset

LED light

Equipped with 3 levels shinning LED light, offer Omni bearing brightness, make it more convenient for threading and reduce visual fatigue.

Cooling fan

Scientific design, vortex suction of cooling fan, reduce the temperature of motor and electronic control, improves greatly the lifespan of electronic components, and avoids winding. 


Needle DPx17 23#
Thread Number 2
Stitch Length(mm) 8
Height of Presser Foot(mm) 8-16
Sewing Speed(S.p.m) 2000


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