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IntelliStitch® Stitch Regulators Intellistitch is a stitch regulation system that can be added to unregulated long-arm quilting machines such as Nolting, Gammill and APQS machines. Hans can now retrofit your Non-Stitch Regulated machines to Stitch Regulated with Intellistitch. Intellistitch is important if you already have a non-regulated machine and don’t want to trade it in or upgrade to one with stitch-regulation. Having Hans retrofit your machine means saving money in the long run and having all the capabilities that your stitch-regulated counterparts have, ensuring that you can cater to your customers needs and your own creative whims!This system allows you to fully concentrate on what designs you are quilting rather than focusing on the pace and movement of the machine.  You are in control of the direction and design and the Intellistitch system does the rest. You can relax and keep your finger off the stop button, as Intellistitch will stop stitching as soon as you stop moving the machine.By purchasing the Intellistitch system you can open more creative doors for your quilting.This is not an item we have in stock. It has to be ordered in. Please contact us with your machine Brand, Model and Frame details.

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