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EasyStitch Applique - Victorian Accessories

EasyStitch Applique - Victorian Accessories

$10.00 $66.00

"Sew Like A Pro"
EasyStitch Applique – 5inch x 7inch Embroidered Area
  • No trimming
  • No cutting
  • No marking
  • No guesswork
  • No fabric to buy or cut


Ready to sew
(digitized, computerized to duplicate a programmed design)
Select your colour thread and sew, sew, sew

Each collection contains
  • Sew disk with 5 designs formatted in
  • 3 complete appliqué sets for each design for a total of 15
  • Unless indicated all sizes are 5”’ x 7”
  • Easy instructions



Step 1: Download stitch program to your machine as you would any other program.

Step 2: Select proper sized hoop (5 x 7 hoop required). Hoop garment or material. Design will be centered.

Step 3: Select the thread colors in the proper sequence. Thread color # 1 on machine.

Step 4: Start machine. An outline of the appliqué piece is stitched and the machine will stop.

Step 5: Iron selected appliqué piece over placement outline stitch with hobby iron or spray appliqué piece with fabric adhesive.

Step 6: Re-start the machine. A satin or zig zag stitch will sew all around the edges of the appliqué piece. Change thread color and repeat Step 4 & 5 for the remaining appliqués.

Step 7: Remove the garment and trim any loose threads carefully.

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