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1010 Watt Isolated Step Down Transformer - Know How Sewing Essential - Quilting

1010 Watt Isolated Step Down Transformer


This Transformer will allow your USA device to run on Australian Power. 

It changes 240 volts down to 110 volts.

This Step Down is for appliances 1000 watts or less

Highest Quality - This Stepdown comes with a 1 Year Money Back Warranty!

Note: This unit is Fully Isolated for optimum safety (insulated input to output) and Double wound.

Read more about the important safety differences of isolated transformer design over standard step down transformers


Protect your US appliance - buy a step down that is guaranteed safe:

This transformers are made to the highest Quality standards.

 Designed to protect your USA device

 Unlike others, our step downs are designed to run continuously 24/7

 The Tortech difference - power saving, high efficiency toroidal transformer inside

Quality casing & included Safety Fuse protection

This new range is lighter & more compact

Strong Carry handle, Enclosed and strong metal construction rubber feet

Thermal overload in the winding of the transformer

Suitable for USA devices from 110v-120v

Built and tested to Australian Standard AS 61558


Unit Details:

  •  Converts Voltage down from 240 volt to 110 volt US
  •  Fully enclosed unit with a white powder coated finish
  •   Safety Fuse protected
  •  Built to Australian standard AS 61558
  •  Dimensions: L230 x W182 x H130 mm
  •  Weight: 10kg
  •  2 power outlets
  •  Max Output 1000 watts

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